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Interesting and varied items on display in the church area include elaborate framed certificates of marriage, a set of communion glasses from the late 1800s, and commemorative plates from churches celebrating their past. The church setting often features an old wedding dress or confirmation dress. Other liturgical artifacts including a pulpit, pew, and etched glass window from the Congregational Church and a hymn board and attendance register from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. The first congregation in Deuel County was the Bemis Holland Presbyterian Church (1881) meeting in a dugout home of W. TeGantvoort with services conducted in Dutch. The first Clear Lake church was the First Baptist Church in 1884 housed in a school house. The pastor A. E. Brown was paid $300 annually. A permanent chapel was built in 1889. Other local churches include: Tabor Evangelical Church (1884) Methodist Church (1895) Congregational Church (1902) St. Mary’s Parish (1903) Zion Evangelical Church (1903) St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, (1914) Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (1932)