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The community was lucky to have dedicated doctors and nurses throughout its history. These service people used the artifacts in the display, many of which were donated by doctor - archivist, H. Dean Hughes. Visitors can view drugs and potions, needles and trocars, baby scales, and even a rare bone mill. The Deuel County Memorial Hospital was built in 1949 with community support. The first clinic was built by Dr. Richard Maxwell in 1950. Maxwell treated over 12,000 patients from the day the hospital opened until he retired after 26 years of service. Approximately 1,665 babies were delivered during this time. His time included a diphtheria epidemic in the 1940s and a polio epidemic in 1952. Doctors who were familiar over the years include: McKay (1887) Bohl (1922) Wiley (1893) Hershkowitz (1934) Harvey (1896) Maxwell (1938) Bently (1897) Willen (1942) Staley (1898) Hughes (1965) Bates (1910) Frazer (1979) Boutelle (1912)